Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 29 2015

Quick Follow Up ~

A follow up to yesterday’s post where I was worried about all kinds of reactions to me being outed at work.

Jan 28 2015

The Last Coming Out, and Moving Forward

This was written on Monday but posted on Wednesday. I will be coming out to work on Wed. and looking at the path forward.

Jan 25 2015

Girl-mode vs. Boy-mode: Ending The War

A war has been going on inside myself for many many years. All started by the self-segregation that happens to the genders in natural child development…

Jan 24 2015

From Reparative Therapy to HRT

It’s hard to sum up this blog post: We miss you Leelah, Thank you. Also, a look at Reparative Therapy and Transition from my perspective, and my future.

Jan 19 2015

Building My Ordinary World

I finally have a clear path forward and an “end goal.” Now that that exists I know, hormone replacement therapy is the next step.

Jan 11 2015

This Choice Is Forever

The first choice is here that will result in permanent change. That realization has brought some trouble.

Jan 09 2015

The Transition Timeline

A look at my timeline for transition from being a man, to becoming a woman. All dates are rough and subject to change except for one…

Jan 05 2015

The Filter (Part 5) – The Year of Apathy

The 5th in a six part series about my past before coming out as transgender in 2014. This was the year of apathy. While I didn’t feel much dysphoria… I didn’t feel much of anything.

Jan 01 2015

Happy New Year 2015! (2014 Year in Review)

A recap of my very busy, very overwhelming but good 2014, and a look into the future of an exciting 2015!