Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 28 2015

One Way or Another

One Way or Another I will remove all my male clothing from my closet. It will be a very important day for me, but that’s not the only meaning it has…

Jun 24 2015

HRT Update: June 24, 2015

HRT Update for June 2015. Just a quick update after four months of hormone therapy.

Jun 18 2015

Headstrong; Self-Confident

I am now headstrong; self-confident because I was able to be the person I wanted fully for at least one beautiful day with no filtering etc.

Jun 13 2015

Worth a Thousand Words

The blog post is exactly 1092 words long. I hope the picture at the end will be worth a thousand words and bring it up to 2092.

Jun 06 2015

Quiet Contemplation

It’s been a long time since I took some time just to think about where I was… It was time for some quiet contemplation.