About UberPocky

UberPocky is a website (No! Duh!)


I write as much as I can but there are lulls. Generally I try to post once around the middle of the week and once on the weekend. My work week is a 4 day 10 hour/day work week It is Sun-Weds so usually my mid week posts will have been written days before and scheduled to come out on Wednesday while I’m at work.

There have been many incarnations of this website called UberPocky. Let’s look at them one at a time:

UberPocky v1.0

One of my best friends, Richard, and I started UberPocky many years ago. We didn’t really have any content for it and it quickly died. Then it became a place where I just randomly blogged about stuff, usually politics, religion, or topics that were too “hot button” for me to talk to people about. After a while I felt like I had nothing more to say and nobody was reading it anyway. I felt like what I had to say, had no value. So I took it down.

UberPocky v.2.0

A couple years later was rebirth #1. UberPocky came back, this time as a web comic written by again, Richard and I. That lasted maybe a couple of weeks? The creativity stopped, the web comic stopped the site came down again. There was very little to say about geeky culture in our minds that wasn’t already said by other web comics.

UberPocky v3.0

In July 2013 I felt that I was going to need to share again soon. Third time’s a charm eh? So, I rebuilt UberPocky. I started working on a couple of things but the fun did not really start until December 7, 2014 I posted “Looking at Life Differently~” That for me started a whole new world of blogging. Now, I feel like my experiences and my words have value to the world. UberPocky is the medium where that value can be shared. This is the first UberPocky that got popular.

UberPocky v3.1

Having asked Milo to join me writing on this blog the site was in need of a redesign. However, since much of the content remained it wasn’t a complete rebirth. Milo did many of the graphics you see including the banner and the background for this incarnation of this website and I could not be happier to welcome him to writing on this site!