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Feb 05 2015

The Selfish Truth and a Great Thanks~

It’s not me, It’s you all.

Jan 05 2015

The Filter (Part 5) – The Year of Apathy

The 5th in a six part series about my past before coming out as transgender in 2014. This was the year of apathy. While I didn’t feel much dysphoria… I didn’t feel much of anything.

Jan 01 2015

Happy New Year 2015! (2014 Year in Review)

A recap of my very busy, very overwhelming but good 2014, and a look into the future of an exciting 2015!

Dec 28 2014

The Filter (Part 4) – “Stagnation”

A continued look at my past. This time centering on the 6 years of my life where I went back to live at home with my mom and “stagnated.”

Dec 20 2014

The Filter (Part 2) – Testosterone Poisoning

This is a look at some of the darkest days of my life, and how without a certain person, I would not have survived them.

Dec 13 2014

The Filter (Part 1) – The Creation of a Fake Man

A look at the filter that has caused me all these Gender Identity problems over the years. PART 1.

Dec 07 2014

Looking at Life Differently

I realized that I should have been born a girl, not a guy. This post is my coming up and my realization of the changes that need to happen to make me happy.

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