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Jun 18 2015

Headstrong; Self-Confident

I am now headstrong; self-confident because I was able to be the person I wanted fully for at least one beautiful day with no filtering etc.

May 10 2015

Strong Women

Mother’s day, while dedicated to mothers everywhere, to me is about strong women. I got caught up in emotion and now want to thank all of them.

May 05 2015

Grieving for Joe

This is about an 18 year process just completed. To grow can’t be just Jo or Joe but I did have to finish the grieving process and become whole.

May 01 2015

Corrections Required — To Be Clear

One of my friends has asked me if I was becoming sexist, not in those words, but in that meaning. I wanted to be clear, but wasn’t.

Apr 28 2015

The Pendulum

Moving into phase II of the transition. I learned the pendulum needs to swing freely.

Apr 26 2015

Accessorizing with Anxiety

Went on a shopping trip with a couple of people I love dearly. It was fun to pick up some accessories, but I also got a strong realization and some anxiety.

Apr 14 2015

Sneak Attack by Depression and Anger

A look at some recent depression and anger I was feeling, and hiding.

Apr 03 2015

It’s Happening…

I can’t believe it…. It’s actually happening!!!

Mar 31 2015

HRT Update March 31, 2015

Now that I’ve been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for 5 weeks, it was time for a checkup and blood level testing. Progress has been amazing!

Mar 20 2015

Religion Part II: Becoming an Observer

From my research about religion came a core of religion. I built beliefs and became an Observer.

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