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Jul 23 2016

Dark Necessities of a Dragonfly

Though Nikki of The Living Gallery Tattoo Parlor; Looking at the Dark Necessities of my kind, and how many of us have to grow into dragonflies.

Dec 27 2015

Do I divide and fall apart? because my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark

this post wasn’t edited – i just needed to get it out. about a good day ending badly…but maybe some future healing.

Aug 09 2015

A Moment of Calm; Sabotaged

I had a moment of calm in my life. What did I do? I immediately turned around and sabotaged it.

Jun 13 2015

Worth a Thousand Words

The blog post is exactly 1092 words long. I hope the picture at the end will be worth a thousand words and bring it up to 2092.

Apr 28 2015

The Pendulum

Moving into phase II of the transition. I learned the pendulum needs to swing freely.

Feb 27 2015

HRT Begins: Risk vs. Reward

After the first couple of days of Hormone Replacement Therapy, a deeper look at some of the risks involved with the process.

Feb 17 2015

The Four Mirrors

I have finally figured out a way to measure progress in the transition. Talking to one dear friend always helps me get to these kind of breakthroughs.

Feb 04 2015

Puberty: Attempt Two

I’m about to start puberty again because of Hormone Replacement Therapy. I know there’s risk, it’s worth all of it for the reward of being who I want to be!

Feb 03 2015

Building Happiness: Everyone’s a Little Different.

A brainstorming about career, purpose, and path in life. What builds happiness? What will build MY happiness?

Jan 28 2015

The Last Coming Out, and Moving Forward

This was written on Monday but posted on Wednesday. I will be coming out to work on Wed. and looking at the path forward.

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