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Jun 18 2016

Orlando; Understanding, Mourning, Resolve.

In light of Orlando, I want to gain Understanding. I want to Mourn, and I need to Resolve. It’s time that our community was whole.

Feb 23 2016

Little Talks About Why

It’s been a long time coming. All my little talks, with people, have paid off. I finally can answer the question “Why do you need to transition?”

Dec 31 2015

My Biggest Regret

A post about a night where a lot happened. My Biggest Regret was the same night that I feel my transition began…

Mar 27 2015

Religion Part III: Building a Religion from Beliefs

This is a more detailed look at the religion, practices, and I built out of a core of three simple beliefs.

Mar 20 2015

Religion Part II: Becoming an Observer

From my research about religion came a core of religion. I built beliefs and became an Observer.

Mar 17 2015

Religion Part I: Disavowed

A look at early days of my looking into religion when I was disavowed but looking for more.

Jan 24 2015

From Reparative Therapy to HRT

It’s hard to sum up this blog post: We miss you Leelah, Thank you. Also, a look at Reparative Therapy and Transition from my perspective, and my future.