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Feb 05 2015

The Selfish Truth and a Great Thanks~

It’s not me, It’s you all.

Jan 25 2015

Girl-mode vs. Boy-mode: Ending The War

A war has been going on inside myself for many many years. All started by the self-segregation that happens to the genders in natural child development…

Jan 11 2015

This Choice Is Forever

The first choice is here that will result in permanent change. That realization has brought some trouble.

Dec 28 2014

The Filter (Part 4) – “Stagnation”

A continued look at my past. This time centering on the 6 years of my life where I went back to live at home with my mom and “stagnated.”

Dec 22 2014

The Filter (Part 3) – Learning to Fly

After I had had my darkest days I started moving forward. I couldn’t figure out what it was that needed to happen. I started collecting the puzzle pieces.

Dec 20 2014

The Filter (Part 2) – Testosterone Poisoning

This is a look at some of the darkest days of my life, and how without a certain person, I would not have survived them.

Dec 13 2014

The Filter (Part 1) – The Creation of a Fake Man

A look at the filter that has caused me all these Gender Identity problems over the years. PART 1.

Dec 07 2014

Looking at Life Differently

I realized that I should have been born a girl, not a guy. This post is my coming up and my realization of the changes that need to happen to make me happy.

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