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Mar 31 2016

An Open Letter to the LGBTQ+ Community

An open letter to the LGBTQ+ Community for #TransgenderDayOfVisibility #TDOV #MoreThanVisiblity

Dec 13 2015

Gender Dysphoria vs. Gender Euphoria

The introduction of a friend, and new author to the site gives me a chance to talk about the difference between Gender Dysphoria and Gender Euphoria.

May 27 2015

Pronoun Experiment Part 1: The Base Story

Today begins an experiment, a test if you will, for the English Language… The removal of gendered pronouns. Will English hold up?

May 24 2015

(Un) Helpful Advice

I’ve received a lot of advice throughout my life. The majority was unhelpful advice but some gems were helpful advice. What’s the difference? Find out.

May 16 2015

Yesterday Hurt

Yesterday hurt me quite a bit. Deep down I was crying for most of the day, but I put up that wall again…

May 01 2015

Corrections Required — To Be Clear

One of my friends has asked me if I was becoming sexist, not in those words, but in that meaning. I wanted to be clear, but wasn’t.

Feb 08 2015

Who? Or What? Word Choice Matters!

An in-depth look at one particular comment on the previous post from today. I was just thinking about this very topic when the comment appeared.

Jan 28 2015

The Last Coming Out, and Moving Forward

This was written on Monday but posted on Wednesday. I will be coming out to work on Wed. and looking at the path forward.

Jan 25 2015

Girl-mode vs. Boy-mode: Ending The War

A war has been going on inside myself for many many years. All started by the self-segregation that happens to the genders in natural child development…