Dec 13 2015

Gender Dysphoria vs. Gender Euphoria

The introduction of a friend, and new author to the site gives me a chance to talk about the difference between Gender Dysphoria and Gender Euphoria.

Dec 11 2015

Body Dysphoria: A Fact of Life

This post is about the Body Dysphoria I have experienced throughout the course of my life. For a long time I thought everyone struggled with it.

Nov 30 2015

Darkness v. Light: The First Darkness

A war between darkness and light has happened inside me. Does everyone experience these things? This is the story of my first real Darkness.

Nov 29 2015

There is Magic in a Name

The evolution of my legal names and various nicknames have been an amazing thing. There is magic in a name.

Nov 07 2015

The 13th Attempt

I never thought I would have a 13th attempt at this particular thing. However, this time it has happened by accident. Can I accept it, or reverse it?

Oct 12 2015

The End of Trying; The Beginning of Succeeding.

Now, I feel finally, like a little pressure is off. I can stop trying so hard.

Oct 04 2015

Making the Decision; A Year Goes by Quickly.

A year ago, I made a decision that would change my life forever, I thought about it before then but a year ago… I was sure.

Sep 07 2015

The Story of a Female Eagle Scout

I am an Eagle Scout, I am also a female. I wonder what the BSA will say about that. Either way, Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle, even if just in my heart

Aug 09 2015

A Moment of Calm; Sabotaged

I had a moment of calm in my life. What did I do? I immediately turned around and sabotaged it.

Jul 24 2015

Walking into the Future

Walking from what I like to call phase one to phase two of the transition… Walking being the key thing there.

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