Jul 13 2015

Life Happens Quickly, Pt. 1

The last two weeks (The beginning of July) have been crazy for me. It is proof… That life happens quickly.

Jun 28 2015

One Way or Another

One Way or Another I will remove all my male clothing from my closet. It will be a very important day for me, but that’s not the only meaning it has…

Jun 24 2015

HRT Update: June 24, 2015

HRT Update for June 2015. Just a quick update after four months of hormone therapy.

Jun 18 2015

Headstrong; Self-Confident

I am now headstrong; self-confident because I was able to be the person I wanted fully for at least one beautiful day with no filtering etc.

Jun 13 2015

Worth a Thousand Words

The blog post is exactly 1092 words long. I hope the picture at the end will be worth a thousand words and bring it up to 2092.

Jun 06 2015

Quiet Contemplation

It’s been a long time since I took some time just to think about where I was… It was time for some quiet contemplation.

May 30 2015

House of Cards

Quite a long post, about the ‘person’ I used to be and how rebuilding my self-esteem has been VERY tough, once my House of Cards collapsed.

May 27 2015

Pronoun Experiment Part 1: The Base Story

Today begins an experiment, a test if you will, for the English Language… The removal of gendered pronouns. Will English hold up?

May 25 2015

(Happy) Memorial Day

With Memorial Day comes the beginning of summer. This year in particular I am more thankful than ever before to be able to live my own life in freedom.

May 24 2015

(Un) Helpful Advice

I’ve received a lot of advice throughout my life. The majority was unhelpful advice but some gems were helpful advice. What’s the difference? Find out.

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